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Vikan Trolleys and Equipment

Vikan Trolleys and Equipment

Here at Provac, we offer a wide selection of Vikan trolleys and equipment that are designed to improve your cleaning process. Make the transportation of cleaning supplies easy with our high-quality range below.

Available in a variety of sizes, our cleaning trolleys are suited for a variety of functionalities. Whether you need a compact trolley for small spaces or a larger one for difficult cleaning jobs, we have options that cater to every need. 

These trolleys are perfect for transporting other cleaning supplies in our Vikan range, from mops & cloths to dustpan sets and dusters, there’s nothing our trolleys can’t hold safely and securely.

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What does a cleaning trolley do?

A cleaning trolley organises and transports cleaning tools, supplies, and waste materials efficiently. It simplifies cleaning tasks by providing easy access to everything needed, improving productivity and maintaining hygiene.

How to disinfect a trolley?

To disinfect a cleaning trolley effectively, start by removing all items and cleaning the trolley with soap and water to remove visible dirt and debris. 

Next, use a disinfectant solution that is suitable for the materials of the trolley, such as a diluted bleach solution or an EPA-approved disinfectant. Apply the disinfectant generously, ensuring all surfaces are covered, and allow it to sit for the recommended contact time specified on the product label. 

Finally, rinse the trolley with clean water and allow it to air dry completely before restocking with cleaned and disinfected items. Regularly disinfecting trolleys helps prevent cross-contamination and maintains a clean and safe environment.