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Vikan Wall Brackets

Vikan Wall Brackets

Invest in our Vikan wall brackets below for an affordable and secure way to store your various cleaning tools effectively. Made from high-quality materials, these wall brackets are designed for long-lasting use and also feature corrosion resistance, making them ideal for hygiene-sensitive environments. 

Browse our Vikan wall brackets below to hold a variety of products in this brand range, such as the selection of brooms & brushes, squeegees, and shovels, forks & rakes. Shop our selection below today.

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How much weight can a wall bracket hold?

The weight capacity of Vikan wall brackets can vary depending on the specific model and material you decide to purchase. They are designed to securely hold various cleaning tools such as brooms, brushes, and squeegees, so anything heavier may be too much for them. Specific weight capacities can usually be found in the product specifications.

What is the difference between a wall mount and a bracket?

A wall mount generally refers to a device or fixture used to attach an object to a wall, providing support and stability. A bracket, on the other hand, is a specific type of mount designed with arms or projections to hold something securely in place, often allowing for adjustment or removal of the object. In essence, a bracket is a type of wall mount, but not all wall mounts are brackets.