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Vikan Couplings & Adaptors

Vikan Couplings & Adaptors


Browse our range of Vikan adaptors & connectors. This includes quick-fit hose couplings, cone adaptors, and even connectors with Vikan’s SafeOne Back Flow Prevention tech.

Vikan couplers and adaptors work great with a wide range guns, sprayers and hoses, including those from their transport cleaning range.

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What is a hose coupling?

Hose couplings allow you to connect hoses to something else. This could be another hose (to extend its range), or a water supply such a tap. Vikan’s hose couplers are designed to fit to their water fed brushes and spray pipes too, ideal for cleaning cars and trucks.

Hose couplings are generally made from metal and have various features to ensure the fit is water-tight. This includes internal rubber washers, threaded parts to allow them to be screwed together, and hose clamps which can be tightened using an ordinary screw driver.

What types of connections do Vikan’s couplings have?

There are a range of connection types across Vikan’s coupler options, including Gardena, Nito Click, Hozelock, Quick Fit, and even cone adaptors for click handles.