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Vikan UST Range

Vikan UST Range


See our innovative range of Vikan UST products, which aim to minimise the risk of contamination and ensure compliance with strict hygiene standards. 


UST stand for Ultra Safe Technology, meaning this specific range has a substantial focus on ensuring the best materials are used to provide secure use. This includes materials chosen for their ability to resist bacterial growth and make surfaces easy to clean and disinfect.

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What industries is the Vikan UST Range designed for?

The Vikan UST Range is primarily designed for industries with strict hygiene requirements, such as food processing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors where cleanliness is critical.

What materials are used in the Vikan UST Range?

This range typically includes tools made from durable materials like polypropylene and stainless steel. These materials are chosen for their resistance to corrosion, ability to withstand frequent cleaning, and contribution to hygiene.