Vikan 5700 HyGo Mobile Cleaning Station, 780 mm, Unassembled (In 6 Colours)

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5700 HyGo Mobile Cleaning Station, 780 mm, Unassembled

Vikan’s HyGo is the food and beverage industry’s first mobile cleaning station to combine hygiene, efficiency, and maneuverability in a purpose-built solution.

Beyond elevating cleaning efforts, HyGo also conquers space challenges, lost equipment, and wasted time.

HyGo easily navigates tight spaces like doorways with its narrow frame and 360-degree wheels.

The tool modules and brackets can be customised and can adapt as your needs change.

As standard, the tool brackets can mount up to five tools. With additional brackets purchased and added to it, the HyGo can hold up to 12 mounted tools.

The two rear castors can be locked.

The upper tray can carry up to 12 kgs and the lower tray can carry up to 20 kgs. HyGo can be disassembled, and the individual parts can be dry cleaned or wet cleaned.

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Weight 26 kg

Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow