Vikan 374118 25cm, Flexible Mop Frame, Hook & Loop, Grey

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Vikan 374118 25cm, Flexible Mop Frame, Hook & Loop, Grey

The Vikan Flexible Mop Frame is designed for use with our ergonomic handles to clean floors, walls, ceilings, tables and other flat surfaces, as well as curved surfaces such as revolving doors, bathtubs, jacuzzies, curved plastic seats and vehicle windows. Comes with the new Easy Shine Kit or sold separately for use with a range of Vikan mop handles.

Use with Handle : Vikan 295218 Ergonomic Aluminium Handle 29mm 1375mm Grey

For Use with Following Mops:

Vikan 547625 25cm Hook & Loop Damp Dry31 Grey

Vikan 548225 25cm Hook & Loop, Wet Scrub Mop, Grey

Vikan 548725 25cm Hook & Loop, Damp48, Heavy-Duty Mop, Grey

Vikan 549025 25cm Hook & Loop, Board & Table Mop, White

Vikan 549125 25cm Hook & Loop, Window Mop, Grey

Vikan 549525, 25cm, Hook & Loop, Damp42, Microfibre Mop, Grey

Replacement strips:

Vikan 375525 Replacement hooks for 374118, 25cm, Black

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