Vikan 374018, Mopframe, Pocket, 40 cm, Grey

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Vikan 374018, Mop frame, Pocket, 40 cm, Grey

The Vikan Pocket Mop Frame is designed for professional cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings, boards and tables, and can be used with all Vikan pocket mop heads and click-fit handles. A patented mop release eliminates handling of dirty mops.

Use with Handle : Vikan 295218 Ergonomic Aluminium Handle 29mm 1375mm Grey

For Use with the Following Mops:

Vikan 547600 40cm Damp Dry 31 Pocket Grey

Vikan 548200 40cm Pocket Wet Scrub Mop Grey Pack of 5

Vikan 548500 40cm Pocket Damp 47 Deep Clean White

Vikan 548700 40cm Pocket Damp 48 Heavy Duty mop Grey Pack of 5




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