Vikan SB36 Hygiene Kentucky Mop 450g in 4 Colours

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Vikan SB36 Hygiene Kentucky Mop 450g in 4 Colours

Unique blend of cotton and synthetic yarns for a longer and improved performance than traditional mops

  • With a fully colored yarn and band

Product Codes:
Green  43/SB362
Blue     43/SB363
Red      43/SB364
Yellow 43/SB366

 Use with KMKM10 Kentucky Mop Holder and any handle in the Vikan Colour Coded Range

Compatible Products:
Vikan KMKM10 Kentucky Mop Holder in 4 Colours
Recommended Compatible Handles:
Vikan 2958 Aluminum Handle 1310mm
Vikan 2959 Aluminum Handle 1510mm
Vikan 2935 Aluminum Ergonomic Handle 1310mm
Vikan 2983 Stainless Steel Ergonomic Handle 1015mm
Vikan 2939 Stainless Steel Ergonomic Handle 1510mm
Vikan 2975 Ergonomic Telescopic Handle 1510mm-2780mm

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