Vikan 7160 Ultra Hygiene Squeegee 600mm (24″) in 12 colours

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Pink£14.57 (£17.48 Inc. VAT)
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Purple£14.57 (£17.48 Inc. VAT)
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Brown£14.57 (£17.48 Inc. VAT)
Lime£14.57 (£17.48 Inc. VAT)
Grey£14.57 (£17.48 Inc. VAT)


Vikan 7160 (24″) (600mm) Ultra Hygiene Squeegee in 12 Colours

Ultra hygienic squeegee, combines optimum hygiene with effective water removal from walls, floors and table surfaces.

The angled blade allows the squeegee to remove water from corners and other difficult to reach areas.

The squeegee’s splash guard ensures that the liquid is not splashed onto the dried surface.

    • The ultra hygienic squeegee is particularly suited for ”sweeping” wet and smooth floors to remove large amounts of dirt, as the single-blade design is extremely easy to clean.
    • Suitable for use in hospitals, large kitchens, the food industry, hygiene critical areas as well as for emptying container of food products.

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