Vikan 5665 Dustpan set closable with broom, 350mm Medium in 6 colours

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Vikan 5665 Dustpan Set Closable with Broom, 350mm Medium

This solidly built dustpan is very easy for users to use with one hand while the other holds a broom. Emptying is just as easy as using it—the lid can be locked into place by pressing the handle backward until there is a click.

Unlock it by pulling forward. The recess where the lid locks into place can also be used as a grip if users need to empty heavy debris. In use, the dustpan lip is built to seal tightly to the floor to prevent debris from sliding under the dustpan, even if it’s placed close to a wall.

The interlocking broom system and narrow, upright design make storage a breeze, as the whole system can stand on its own, with the broom tucked into the dustpan.

For spare broom (no handle) go to:  Vikan 3103 Dustpan Broom with Angled Thread (250mm) Medium in 8 Colours

For spare broom handle : Vikan 2931 Short Aluminium Handle, Ø22 mm, 840 mm in 6 colours

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