Vikan 4010 S-Steel Scraper with Threaded Handle 50mm in 8 Colours

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Green£7.37 (£8.84 Inc. VAT)
Blue£7.37 (£8.84 Inc. VAT)
Red£7.37 (£8.84 Inc. VAT)
White£7.37 (£8.84 Inc. VAT)
Yellow£7.37 (£8.84 Inc. VAT)
Orange£7.37 (£8.84 Inc. VAT)
Purple£7.37 (£8.84 Inc. VAT)
Black£7.37 (£8.84 Inc. VAT)


Vikan 4010 Stainless Steel Scraper with Threaded Handle, 50mm in 8 Colours.

Great for removing hard-to-reach sticky deposits and dried or burnt-on foods or ingredients, this Scraper features a stainless flex steel blade with protective rounded corners, a high-strength attachment, and a threaded handle that fits any Vikan colour-coded extension handle. While not intended for floor cleaning proper, this product can be used to remove lighter soils on floors.


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