SaniSafe ® SS3 QRD – Wall Bracket Stainless Steel

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 SaniSafe SS3 Wall bracket for 10L QRD (Quick Release Dispenser)

An innovative wipes dispensing system, which offers significant end user advantages.

A patented new dispensing system designed with a twist fit dispensing nozzle, QRD not only dramatically improves hygiene, but offers significant cost savings for end users in terms of reduced costs for disposal of waste packaging in terms of weight and volume.

In addition as the QRD system is more compact than its equivalent bucket format, it offers cost savings for distributors for both storage as well as distribution.

Experience of QRD in use has demonstrated that:

  1. Its smaller size aperture in the vertical rather than horizontal axis minimising the risk of physical contamination spoiling the impregnated log.
  2. For every £1 spent to dispose of a 10L bucket, the same disposal cost for a 10L QRD is 0.0059p
  3. For every one pallet 10L QRD in your warehouse or shipped, you need to ship three pallets 10L bucket format – three times as much.
  4. With three times less material weight than its bucket equivalent, QRD saves resources and respects the environment.

QRD improving hygiene, reducing waste, caring for your environment.

Case Quantity: 1 Unit

Code: B12020040  /  Our ref: 15/QRD55

Compatible with : SaniSafe SS3 QRD Quick Release Dispenser Bag

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