Numatic PPR370 Vacuum Cleaner Cable Rewind

£220.00 (£264.00 Inc. VAT)


Numatic PPR370 Vacuum Cleaner Cable Rewind – Commercial

The PPR370 is the updated version of the PPR370A vacuum cleaner, it has new features bringing it right up to date that include the following. 

  • Wand Docking –  This 2021 model of vacuum has an easy to dock wand that makes storing the vacuum cleaner a lot easier, as you no longer need to find a corner to prop the wand up in (requires optional clips).
  • Removable Face Moulding – More durable and 3D textured.
  • Easy to Replace Re-Wind Cable – If the cable of the vacuum gets damaged it can just be unplugged and replaced without specialist tools, and it still has a rewind feature for neat storage. 

All of the best features of the PVR370 have been carried over including HepaFlo filtration, that ensures that any dust that is vacuumed up is kept in the machine and out of the air. 

OUR REF: 35/PPR370



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