Hantex N377 Dual Coated Nitrile, Red Glove

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Hantex N377 Dual Coated Nitrile, Red Glove

The Hantex N377 is a dual nitrile coated general handling glove that is perfect for especially wet or oily applications. The full red colour coded nitrile non-porous coating provides a impervious barrier against water and oils to protect the hands whilst working. A secondary sandy foam nitrile coating provides the glove with exceptional grip by using micro-capilleries to divert liquids away from the surface of the glove and creating surface tension between the hand and the item. The glove has been colour coded in order for quick recognition by safety officers of a risk-zone, reducing the risk of cuts in the workplace. An excellent glove for manufacturing, waste removal, oil & gas or any especially wet, oily or greasy environments.

    • Dual coated Nitrile
    • Excellent wet and oily grip
    • Colour coded – Red
    • Non-porous coating offer a waterproof glove
    • Sandy Nitrile

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