Gojo BRD-DISP3 Hygiene Station 3-Step Board & Dispensers

£105.00 (£126.00 Inc. VAT)


Gojo BRD-DISP3 Hand Hygiene Station 3 Step Placement Board


No Soaps included.  Includes dispensers:


8888  – Gojo ADX-12 in Chrome/Black


Suggested Soap: GOJO 8816 Freshberry Foam Hand Soap 1250ml CASE OF 3


7200  –  Gojo Pro TDX 2000ml


Suggested Soap:  GOJO 7272 SUPRO MAX Hand Cleaner 2000ml CASE OF 4


8782  –  Gojo Hand Medic ADX 7 – Chrome Black


Suggested Soap: GOJO HAND MEDIC 8745 Professional Skin Conditioner 685ml Refill Case Of 4


DIMENSIONS: 64cm wide x 64cm high





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