Gojo 8745 HAND MEDIC Prof Skin Conditioner 685ml Refill (Case x 4)

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Gojo 8745 HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner

(Case of 4) 685ml Refill    –    For GOJO® HAND MEDIC® ADX-7™ Dispenser

Specially formulated for professional technicians and workers in tough soil environments.

8745 : Compatible Products:
GOJO® 8781 HAND MEDIC® ADX-7™ Dispenser White
GOJO® 8782 HAND MEDIC® ADX-7™ Dispenser Chrome




If Gojo out of stock – Use the following equivalent (You will need a new dispenser also) :

Deb RES1L Stokolan Light Pure (6 x 1L)

and the dispenser:

Deb RES1LDS After-Work Dispenser 1L




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