Gojo 2117 Deluxe Lotion Soap 1000ml (Case x 8)

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Gojo 2117 Deluxe Lotion Soap with Moisturisers 1000ml (Case x 8)

1000ml Refill for GOJO® NXT® Dispenser


If Gojo out of stock – Use the following equivalent (You will need a new dispenser also) :

Deb CUG39J Cutan Gentle Wash (6 x 1L)

and the dispenser:

Deb PROB01HW Cutan 7 Circles (Blue) 1ltr Dispenser (For Hand Wash)





Compatible Products:

Gojo 9037 White 800ml Dispenser

(Weight shown for shipping purposes only – Actual weight 8 kg)


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Weight 12.5 kg