Deb TPW1LDS Quick View 1L White Dispenser

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Deb TPW1LDS Quick View 1L White Dispenser 

This Deb Quick View Dispenser is suitable for use in a variety of workplace environments. The dispenser features a sleek and modern design that is transparent and curved in shape. It is also wall mountable which makes the dispenser easier to display. With the easy push button, dispensing soap is quick and easy.

The transparent design allows users to view soap levels without having to open the cover. This TPW1LDS dispenser is suitable for use with 1 litre cartridge refill cartridges.

Compatible with : 

Deb AZU1L Azure Foam Hand Wash 6 x 1L

and other Deb 1L refills – Call 01746 768314 for other options

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