861153 EASY210B Blue 2 Ply Embossed Roll Towel

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861153 EASY 210B Blue 2 Ply Continuous Roll Towel 110m x 200mm x 50mm

2-ply embossed blue continuous roll towels are ideal for use in hygiene conscious environments. Embossed blue continuous roll towels are available in 2-ply 110m rolls. 2-ply Embossed blue roll towels, when used with the enigma range of dispensers, can dispense a single use open flat sheet. This means the only sheet touched is the one that is used therefore reducing cross contamination.

OUR REF:   25/151
COLOUR    Blue
PLY    2
CORE    50mm
S/B    S
LENGTH    110M
WIDTH    200mm
SHEETS    n/a

Was: DBL210

For Use with Dispenser :  892980S Autocut Towel Dispenser White (Lucart)


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