104966 90l Eco Litter Bin (Recycled)

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104966 90l Eco Litter Bin (Recycled)

A litter bin, hooded lid and plastic liner made in the UK out of 100% recycled hardwearing polyethylene.
Designed to complement street furniture, the 90L Eco Litter Bin features chamfered edges so the rubbish is directed into the liner, which is easily removeable for emptying and cleaning.

The bin is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and requires minimal maintenance.

A ground fixing kit is sold separately, and consists of a galvanized metal cross and bolts to securely fix the bin to the ground.

You will need :  104967 Ground Fixing Kit for Outdoor Bin

To use, drill four corresponding holes into the bottom of the bin and floor and secure with the rawl plugs supplied.

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Weight 26 kg