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17" Red Floor Buffing Pad

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17" Red Floor Buffing Pad (Single)

Thorough stripping/cleaning For wet scrubbing strong layers of wax. Removes the old finish and eliminates concrete burns.

  • Brown - Scrubbing Hard aggressive scrubbing wet or dry, with strippers. Prepares the floor for new waxing. Resistant to acids.
  • Green - Intermediate cleaning For the removal of surface layers of wax and to prepare the floor for the next process. Use wet.
  • Blue - Light cleaning Light cleaning and spray washing.
  • Red- Polishing spray For frequent use on relatively clean floors. It also cleans and polishes dry.
  • Tan - Polishing For light cleaning and maintaining all types of floors. Use dry.
  • White - Finishing and polishing Suitable for finishing and polishing floors. Use dry or slightly damp.
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