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GrimeEez® Graffiti and Paint Remover Wipes

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Weight: 3.05 kg

GrimeEez® Graffiti and Paint Remover Wipes

GrimeEez® Graffiti is the ultimate portable wet hand wipe for removing paint and graffiti off flat non-porous surfaces. This wipe can help you clean up in almost any environment from bus stops and office premises to trains and buses. These moist wipes require no additional liquids as the unique patented powerful alcohol based cleaning solution helps clear all forms of graffiti and marks leaving all surfaces clean and graffiti free.

Unlike traditional methods of graffiti removal, GrimeEez® Grafitti formula dissolves graffiti rather than burns. This allows the product to be used in well ventilated enclosed environments more safely without the need to close areas off.


Sheet size : 28cm x 28cm

150 sheets per tub


Sold individually

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