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GrimeEez® Hand & Multi Surface Wipes

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Weight: 2.00 kg

GrimeEez® Hand & Multi Surface Wipes

20cm x 30cm (Tub of 80)

An antibacterial degreasing industrial wipe which has the ability to remove non-cured paint, adhesives, epoxy, PU foam, oil, grease, and more from hands, tools and surfaces.

  • Ideal for degreasing and cleaning a variety of substances from both hands and surfaces.
  • Soft, strong cleaning cloth collects dust and grime.
  • Effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, including, staphylococcus aureas, pseudomonas aureus and enterococcus hirae.
  • Ideal for users where no washroom facilities exist.
  • Foil sealed for a guaranteed fresh product and extended shelf life.

Ideal for Automotive (Windscreen Fitters and Assembly plants), Engineering, Double Glazing Industries, Mobile Fitters and Automotive Repairs, Workplace and Leisure Industries.


80 wipes per Tub

28GSM White Polycotton Substrate

Shet Size : 20cm x 30cm


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