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Gojo 8848 Antibacterial Foam Soap 1250ml (Case x 3)

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Weight: 5.00 kg

Gojo 8848 Antibacterial Foam Soap 1250ml (Case x 3)

Smooth foaming handwash with germ killing power. Fragrance free.

Conforms to  :  EN 1499, EN 1276, EN 1040 and EN 13727.

Refills made with GOJO SMART-FLEX™ Technology.

1250 ml ADX Refill
  • GOJO SANITARY SEALED™ Refills – Snap into place quickly and easily, minimising labour time while protecting users from the contamination risks of bulk soap
  • GOJO SMART-FLEX™ Bottles – Durable, recyclable PET material provides crystal clarity while using 30% less material than rigid HDPE material
  • GOJO CONTROLLED COLLAPSE Bottles – Patent pending refills are engineered to hold their shape while emptying, for a more attractive appearance
  • Easy to Recycle – Removable pump promotes convenient recycling

WAS : 8842

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