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P-Wave X-TRA Urinal Deodorizing Screen

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Weight: 1.00 kg

P-Wave X-TRA Urinal Deodorizing Screens, Sold in packs of 2

The amazing P-Wave X-TRA fragranced urinal screen and urinal deodorizer that last for 30 days.
Keep your urinals smelling fresh. Anti splash feature keeps whole toilet area cleaner.

Available Fragrances:

HS :  Honeysuckle   (32/PWAVEHS)  -  Colour : White
MG:  Mango  (32/PWAVEMG)  -  Colour : Orange
OM:  Ocean Mist   (32/PWAVEOM)  -  Colour : Blue
SA:  Spiced Apple   (32/PWAVESA)  -  Colour : Pink
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